Most Requested Presentation


Free to Choose: How to Align Your Logic and Emotions to Create the Life You Want

Presented as a Keynote, Breakout, Workshop or Seminar (1/2 day, full-day), Retreat, Training or Webinar. Katherine is available as a Panel Guest (expert or moderator). Each presentation is customized for your group and concludes with guided imagery that transforms challenges into solutions.

  • Experience Spiritual Hypnosis and Frequency Healing
  • Calm your mind and connect with your Inner Being
  • Align your mind and spirit and receive guidance from within
  • Connect to clarity in the midst of chaos, crisis and confusion
  • Replace anger, resentment, fear and worry with confidence, contentment and joy
  • Discover the power to choose the emotions you want

You’ll leave Katherine’s dynamic, healing presentation knowing that you have the power to create the life you want

Media Contact: Publicist, Annie Jennings