What People Are Saying…

I don’t usually cry at articles such as this one…tears maybe…but this story made me burst out crying… How beautiful! I hope we can hear more from this wonderful writer…and wonderful person…

Your story truly touched my heart. Such heartfelt feelings, and to be able to put all your emotions down on paper was amazing.

Your beautiful writings – many of which I have read several times – are an inspiration to everyone. You are blessed with the gift of being able to put into words what many of us feel but can’t transcribe.

Your articles are so beautiful and emotionally charged. Please keep writing. You are so inspiring!

I am going to share your articles with as many friends and relatives as I can. They are beautifully written, beautifully expressed, and the message is wonderful!

Great message to all parents. A spiritual foundation is crucial for our children’s lives.

Your ability to communicate is wondrous. You bring G-d into your life in such a touching way. You are so down to earth as you express lofty ideas. What an inspiration!

I come from a myriad of Jewish experiences, from reformed to orthodox to deconstructionist, and I am used to creating my own prayer service. I have now added your prayer below to my daily prayers. In fact it is now how I start them.

Give me the strength to choose Your light, to guide my family and my children in the right path. There is nothing I crave more than Your Divine Presence. Make Your voice louder than the seductive whispers of my mind, and give me strength to keep choosing You, to fall into Your safety net of trust.

This is unlike any book you will ever read. I started it on Friday night and finished it by Saturday evening. I could not put it down! Many say miracles are only in the past. This book is proof that is completely not the case.

— Menachem Slavin

An enchanting book of stories and characters that come vividly alive. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. It touched my soul, made me laugh, made me cry, made me think… and mostly made me fully appreciate the beauty, fullness, and passion of the individual’s path in life.

— Alexandra Lerner

Fast-paced, insightful and very well-written. This first-person account of an extraordinary life and spiritual journey will hook you from the first chapter to the last.

— Beth D. Kashdan