I am an adult now, I have a choice what to conclude about life, myself and people.


“I go over Jessica’s simple explanation of how it’s we who attach all the meaning
and interpretation to everything that happens to us, and how these become
our unconscious beliefs – lenses of perception through which we look at life.
Hundreds of those lenses, in fact, created over many years, distorting the sacred
truth within. But if I am the one who has sentenced myself to these mental
conclusions, at some point in my childhood, then now, as an adult, I have the
choice to conclude something else. Something which will allow me to taste the
delicious sweetness of my well-hidden authenticity. And when this part of me,
my authentic being – maybe even my spirit – takes over, my thinking will leap
to a higher level.”

Chapter 15
Jessica, me, and the Palm Tree Fairy

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