9 Life Lessons I’ve learned from Marshmallow (my cat)

One night my indoor kitten snuck out, and for four straight hours I sat on the chilly, moon-lit deck meowing his name into the darkness. When the little rascal finally did come home, he taught me nine profound life lessons that will fluff up your heart and get your mind purring…

1. Don’t rely on me to feel good – I’m highly unreliable. Rely on yourself only. There is something inside of you, which is always reliable.
2. I’m here to mind my own business and do what pleases me, and so should you.
3. I’m not small and fragile, unsafe and unstable in the midst of a wild, cruel jungle-world. I’m solid and powerful, safe, and guarded, and so are you.
4. I’m never lost. Once I know Home, I can always find my way back, if I choose, and so are you.
5. I’m not helpless. I have installed mechanisms to defend myself if there is something or somebody rubbing me the wrong way; I’m free to hiss, scratch and leave the unwanted, and so are you.
6. I honor others with my presence and affection. It’s my gift to them to be cherished and appreciated, and so are you.
7. I don’t care about other people’s opinion of how, where and with whom I live and neither should you.
8. I don’t worry about others’ opinions about my appearance. I’m perfect in my own uniqueness, and so are you.
9. When I jump onto your belly and purr, I am letting you feel the love you already have in you.

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