Assisting my grandparents being reborn…

What happens next freaks me out, even in my sleep. I am suddenly aware of a number of ghostly, transparent beings drifting in the air above the birthing woman. Shockingly, I realize that two of them are my grandparents: Grandma Asya is lingering close to the bottom of the woman’s huge, bulging belly, and Grandpa Zalmon is at the top, close to the diaphragm. Two angelic beings are there, too, right by my grandparents’ side. Standing eight feet high, they look like vertical celestial doves with a human visage, their wings spread open, pouring rays of brilliant light onto the oblivious mother-to-be.
Apparently, there is no privacy whatsoever in this delivery room, and no time for sentimental schmoozing between my grandparents and me; it seems I am here on business only.
“Help her!” the angel standing next to my grandma floats closer to me, and I immediately recognize the voice that woke part of me up. Hovering directly above the birthing woman, like some rescue helicopter beaming a spotlight, I’m like a music conductor moving her arms in unison with some interspatial, energetic symphony.
Tales of Large, Loud, Spiritual Family
Chapter 18
A New Year’s like no other

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