There is home, our true home, inside the Rainbow.


Not knowing what to do, I just sit there, staring at my daughter.
“Wow, there’s no sky here… just an opening with a trail of colors swirling
upward,” she says after a minute, her closed eyes darting from side to side, following
her vision.
I look up – the ceiling is intact, thank God.
“It’s so magical here… so colorful and bright… fresh, pure, the smell of
spring, like after a rain… I know! It smells like my Britney Spears ‘Believe’ perfume,”
Jessica lifts her face, as if basking in sunlight. “I am so free!” she giggles
happily. “I am dancing, twirling… nothing is stopping me here.” I find myself
jealously biting my lip. “Oh, Mom,” her voice melts into a melody of delight, “I
am inside the rainbow… one step lower than Heaven!”
My daughter may be floating in the company of cosmic big wigs, however
what comes to mind is childhood psychosis: visual and auditory hallucinations,
extreme feelings of euphoria – all classic signs of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
But then I wonder, what’s the difference between psychosis and spiritual
experience. Is there one?
Chapter 9
Surprise at the bottom of the subconscious mind

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